While all vendors accept cash and some accept credit cards, there are other ways to pay at the Market.


More and more shoppers are using Market Bucks, coins made solely for use at the Pleasantville Farmers Market. Simply swipe your credit card at the Manager’s Tent and select the amount of Market Bucks you want. For a minimal processing fee, you’ll get very attractive coins that you can use just like cash at any vendor at the Market. And you’ll receive change in regular currency. It’s convenient and easy, and it saves you a trip to the ATM!


Welcome SNAP shoppers! The Pleasantville Farmers Market happily accepts SNAP/EBT benefits–and now you can double your SNAP dollars (up to $40) thanks to the generosity of Northwell Health.

Here’s how it works:
Bring your SNAP card to the Managers Tent at the entrance to the Market, and ask for a certain dollar amount.

We will swipe your card and exchange it for $1 or $5 SNAP Market coins.

For every dollar you redeem (up to $40), you will receive two dollars in SNAP Market coins.

These coins are accepted at any Market vendor displaying this sign:

Vendors may not make change for SNAP coins, but they can add additional product to bring your purchase up to an even dollar amount. Or you can add cash to make up the difference.

You may keep leftover coins and use them next time you shop at the Pleasantville Farmers Market, or you may exchange them for a refund back onto your SNAP/EBT card. Any bonus coins we issued must be returned with the SNAP coins for a refund to be processed.

Please note that the $40 match is available one time per card, per day.

We are grateful to our lead sponsors from Northern Westchester Hospital | Northwell Health and Phelps Hospital | Northwell Health, whose generosity makes the match possible.